the boy who cried wolf.

there is a wolf who comes each day with his tail between his legs. his fur is matted and dirty as no one pays attention. he howls and tugs at his own fur desperate to make his outsides match his insides, desperate for a cure. there is a wolf with teeth bared with beautiful, bright eyes who is willing to fight for a remedy to this feral life. instead of turning away, avoiding eye contact, passive stares, let’s turn towards & offer an ear to hear his stories & for to see the world through his eyes.

Natural disasters.

i was once a tornado, a volcano, an unstoppable force of nature then i dug my feet into the ground trying to root myself in the normalcies of society. i watched as my flowers grew dull & then fell off completely. i cried as my leaves turned brown & shriveled. but now, oh now, the air is getting heavy & the winds are picking up. there is a fire starting behind my eyelids & my belly hungers for destruction. hold on tightly.

you are…

You are – more than you think.
You are – a beacon of light to those still searching.
You are – a path followed, a dream more than dreamt, a life being pursued.
You are – a difference, a change, a strive to be better.
You are – the world and how it should be lived.
You are – an inspiration to those around you, a symbol of hope, of happiness, to more than just ‘getting by.’
You are – a reason to celebrate appreciate, and love.
You have to believe, with all your heart, You are – the most important person in the world, in your world.
You are – remarkable. Now, let it go, and let it be.
– Rihana R. Hooten

you will get through it.

You’ll get through it. We’re all in this together, you know. Think of all the great things in your life — waking up to the birds and the sun, sometimes the rain, which is nice, too. Tea, coffee, scrambling eggs, ‘good mornings’ exchanged, a bit of gossip, perhaps. Do you like the radio in the morning? TV? Scanning email, the news? All these things matter. Everyday things, the boring things, the little things throughout your day that make you, YOU happy. Snap the beauty of this world, share it on Instagram, Twitter, whatever, get it out there. Buy yourself an ice cream, sit outside and take in the world and the sky. Life has a way of pulling you in, whatever it is – it will pass and you will thank the universe for correcting itself once again.
-l. noel.

the practice.

breathe in.
raise my arms to climb.
climb out of this hole i’ve been lost in.

breathe out.
dive downward.
there must be a way around.
behind, beneath.

breathe in, and in that moment, quiet.
breathe out, and find the beat.

breathe in.
push forward.
open my chest, open my heart.
open my mind.

breathe out.
dive deeper.
i bring with me the hole i’ve been lost in.
jump out.

breathe in.
breathe out.

Instantly Remarkable

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No down comforters on my bed.
Sleep is hard enough when you don’t have
feathers and bills and memories
poking you in the early morning hours.

Just take a few pills,
let the feeling take you over and
try your best to drift off into
some made-up land of NSW or PDX.

Fly on broomsticks,
romp around the shores,
but whatever you do,
be careful.

Don’t let the mean reds
take you over and
save your money
for when you have to
help a friend in need.

-Stacey Renberg

Pack It Up

I truly think that there’s some validity to what Buk said about the morning. Maybe its an opinion that had been constructed over years and years of waking up to the light and immediately needing to drink, but my life isn’t laced with rough sex and nights of 7 and 7’s. Still, the morning does something to me; its breaks me each day I open my eyes. Sure, the nausea and the yawning have its way with me, but the real kicker is the immense light that covers the streets I travel on. It’s the fear that another day has started; another day must be lived out. Things that need to get done will hopefully be accomplished, thoughts will most definitely be pushed aside, and as the minutes inch towards noon, “its hard” becomes “its hard to believe that the tomorrow will be any easier.”

“I don’t think people realize how lonely it is to be kid.”
Funny thing is, I am not a child anymore.

-Stacey Renberg

Note: May is Mental Health Awareness month. If you know anyone who is going through a rough time and considering suicide, please don’t hesitate to help him or her. Sometimes all it takes is a friend to sit and listen to you cry it out. Let this be your inspiration to help yourself or a friend in need. We are all remarkable beings, so keep on living so you can enjoy life!

Tornado Season

The sun will be setting in a few hours,
but it’s still high enough to feel guilty
about being in pajamas.

We watch movies about being and spirituality.
My chest burns yet I keep on feeding my habit.

She is shaving her legs now.
“We’re exciting people, man.”

My back hurts: slouched and slumped shoulders.
The kitchen is bare; pancakes sit on the counter
getting cold and stale.

We’re not hungry.
I am always hungry.

I want a drink and the control
to not constantly move my hands
towards my mouth.

We are two hours behind in the future.

Our legs hurt;
we stretch them out.

Blankets and water make
moving this slow acceptable.

And then we’re okay.

-Stacey Renberg


I don’t know where to start with what I haven’t already finished.

7 inches

The fan is always blowing.
My fear is always showing.

I want to share another cigarette and listen to the drums in your garage.

-Stacey Renberg

Note: I wrote this poem many years ago after a friend of mine committed suicide. This one’s for you Ben. May is mental health awareness month. For the love of yourself and those who care for you, if you need help, GET HELP. We are here for you.