our mission

plain and simple, the mission is: to spread big or small bits of love and things that make you smile and laugh, little bits of unexpected happiness and affirmation. we believe in feeling good and spreading it; we want everyone everywhere to know that somebody somewhere loves you because you are amazing in all your strange and wonderful ways.

here you will find lists on how to love yourself more, beautiful things, ways to share your beauty & knowledge & love. you will also find stories of people who have discovered YOU ARE REMARKABLE through the tangible guerrilla love sharing.

anonymity is excellence: bits of paper with an i-love-you-just-because scribbled in rushed handwriting, a well thought out essay on the back of a photograph, a drawing hid between the pages of a book. leave your heart in random places for strangers; send a lover a letter without your name. committ a selfless act of love just because you can.

share your secrets & what you’ve found!


if you’ve found a note/cd/photograph etc., be sure to send an email to



you are remarkable was created to make people love themselves, believe in themselves, & make others believe in them too. let’s work together to feel beautiful, empowered. we can take on the world. we need to know our worth. we must know we can  leave that relationship, or job, that we hate but stay in because it’s comfortable & safe. we need to feel this so we can rally against abortion, for abortion, for peace, for war. we need to be empowered so we never have to be afraid of speaking our beautiful minds. we should never have to be afraid of being judged. we need feel good about ourselves so we can join together & create a world that we feel good about. our problem today is that everyone is so afraid of being judged & not fitting in that we’re settle for things. NEVER settle.  AWAYS fight.


37 thoughts on “our mission

  1. Sorry I speak not good english, but this site really cute! Very very nice, is there a russian site??? Hehe, I love it. Keep going! Я люблю Вас всех :)

    • может быть, вы могли бы использовать переводчика. это будет трудно, но это то, что я делаю прямо сейчас, перевод с английского на русский.

  2. “little bits of unexpected happiness and affirmation.”

    You have done just that! Thank you for the beautiful reminder of the blessings we all have. :D

  3. This site is beautiful and amazing in everything it stands for and everything it wants to achieve.

    i love the idea’s the inspirations and the chance that someone somewhere loves me – i live by that idea because i know that someday soon someone somewhere will love me..

    A quote and words of wisdom from unzipped kitty:

    “Be Who you are and who you want to be, not who you think they’d prefer” – Sarah Tonkin


  4. I kiss and hug random people in the street.

    But I may start the love letter campaign.

    I’ve also put a sweet through someone’s door before.


    Lovage for all.

  5. Hi,

    I’ve just found this site on Google Reader and it was love at first sight! Please keep this up. There can never be too much love!


  6. Can I be part of this movement. I havn’t heard of anything more uplifting. Your mission is clear throughout your posts I have no doubt you will reach many people and inspire great things!
    Mademoiselle Dauphine

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  8. this is so beautiful and inspiring. i already feel like doing so many of the things i have read on this site. the world can always use more love; there’s no such thing as enough. i love the thought of ‘leaving your heart in random places.’ keep writing. keep loving…

  9. Although this sight’s intent is a great idea, I’m rather tired of things like this. For a person who hasn’t been loved often in they’re life, receiving an annonomus love note may actchually hurt them more than it helps. If someone is seriously struggling with a real life issue, a fucking note of ” oh I love you because your alive’ isn’t going to help. Do I need a note saying I love you? Hell yes I do, but from someone who knows me-not some stranger patting themselves on the back for bringing back the 60’s. The trend of anonymos, temporary love isn’t teaching us all to love each other more, it’s teaching us to superficially spread around this buttery bullshit. Yes, be kind and loving to everyone you meet. You want people to feel loved and cared for? Be a fucking big sister. Open a shelter for abused children. But this? This is all just crap, which probably makes the folks who need love the most feel even more alone and invisible. You think a person who’s lived their whole life without love is suddenly going to go find it because you sent them some random note? Hell no. They are more likely to go finally hang themselves. Good for you for trying. Try harder.

  10. this site is beautiful. thank you for creating it. this is something i have always wanted to do, except maybe not in a form of a blog.

  11. I have started my own blog with the hopes of spreading as much joy, inspiration, and good vibes to as many people possible. I will add this wonderful site to my list!
    Thank YOU.

  12. I absolutely love this blog.
    It’s totally inspired me to tell people I love them and to spread anonymous love letters and notes.
    I hope my blog can inspire people to do something one day ^_^

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  14. I love this blog. I try to leave you are remarkable notes on random peoples cars and places as much as possible. I believe this can bring more good in life andmake people see things in a different view. keep the mission going strong please. vegan love.

  15. I have looked through this website and it has inspired me.
    I want to be someone who makes others happy.

    Recently i know my friends had self confidence issues so at my local youth church i put post-it notes on the mirrors and put quotes to hopefully cheer them up :) i don’t know if anyone has seen them but i hope that it made them smile :)

  16. Вообще, когда читаешь такое, посещает мысль, а ведь это ж так просто, ну почему я это не смог придумать Респект автору :)

  17. I got this site saved to my fave list & check it on a regular basis! I love it. Please add more letters & new stuff to your site.. It makes my day! <3

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