“Play! Invent the world! Invent reality!” -Nabokov “Look at the Harlequins!”

“the word is love.”

“i want to hear people yelling back at me. i find myself saying things more and more each night (i tour all the time) that might incite a fucking reaction—-wake up some indignance on either side of the spectrum—-be insulted by me or against the world that sewed your fucking mouth shut. tell me to … Continue reading

You are my family. Whatever it is you need to do to be to be yourself and realize yourself as a person, I am happy with that. I love you.

We can paint the walls with laughter and everything will be all right. Right now is right now. Please don’t worry about before or after. A boy walking home from elementary school once said “I’ve got big plans,” and I said to him, “Only today, only today.” Seize the footpaths for those palegolden mornings. Fill … Continue reading

entirely exist

We need a revolution- a feel good revolution, maybe if we become hippies again, life will be good. Back to a bohemian soul. We define ourselves in material terms and nothing is ever enough. You always need a better phone, a more advanced laptop, a more fashionable haircut- and it’s never enough. No one- or … Continue reading


have you purchased your copy yet?


have you ever stopped to wonder how many stars there are in the sky? i’ll tell you exactly how many there are. there is one for every single person alive today, and one for every person that has ever lived. there are new ones being born every day from clouds of gas and dust… interstellar … Continue reading


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