• you are remarkable was created to make people love themselves, believe in themselves, & make others believe in them too. let’s work together to feel beautiful, empowered. we can take on the world. we need to know our worth. we must know we can leave that relationship, or job, that we hate but stay in because it’s comfortable & safe. we need to feel this so we can rally against abortion, for abortion, for peace, for war. we need to be empowered so we never have to be afraid of speaking our beautiful minds. we should never have to be afraid of being judged. we need feel good about ourselves so we can join together & create a world that we feel good about. our problem today is that everyone is so afraid of being judged & not fitting in that we’re settle for things. NEVER settle. AWAYS fight.

Time To Write, Time To Right

Every few months I have a crisis. Whether it’s an existential one or a melodramatic one, it happens nonetheless. Most people might seek professional help or prescribed medication, but talking to strangers and doping myself up with mood relaxers have never been particular interests of mine. I deal with this so-called existence of mine by … Continue reading

Make Kindness Happen

The world is a cruel and terrible place, but there is kindness; there has to be. Do we see kindness based on our own outlook on life or is it much more random than that? We’re all familiar with the phrase “random acts of kindness,” so I wonder, in relation to what Troy says in … Continue reading


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Hibernation part II

Does the funnel turn out to be an hourglass?

Hibernation part I

so many ways to disappear when determined…

seriously body, calm down.

Dear My Body,    I never thought our life would be like this. We had a pretty great childhood, a relaxed adolescence, found love early in life. We are void of any serious health conditions or personal tragedies. We’ve scored a solid job, have some great close friends and are working toward a healthy life … Continue reading


Good morning. yes, it’s morning. another day. No, you can’t stay in bed. You’ve got to get up. You’ve got a job to do. People are counting on you, and when your job is done, you’re gonna go dancing! Yes, you are absolutely going. You’ve already promised your best friend you would be DD and … Continue reading

aggressively kind.

i realized the best and simplest thing you can do to an individual, is to just simply love them. gentleness & tenderness will not be an immediate response to some people, but it goes such a long way. kindness is something what we all can practice at each and every day. loving one another, will not come … Continue reading

warning flags.

we all have warning flags- signs that our emotions are becoming hard to handle. when something major happens (a suicide, a murder, etc.) people always talk about the “red flags”.  sometimes red flags are a subtle soft-pink & spoken in whispers or marks on the skin. sometimes red flags are neon lights flashing violently in … Continue reading

The literary process of falling in love.

In the movie 500 Days of Summer, Tom, the protagonist, is crushed by the girl of his dreams. In an attempt to help, his best friend suggests he should write a book because “Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.” Although McKenzie, the best friend, had good intentions … Continue reading

extra heart valves.

This is true, elaborated a bit, but true… dammit. You know, come to think of it, I never knew heart break in high school. Twenty years on the earth and I’d avoided heart break at every turn. I was always doing the dumping – in Starbucks, over the phone, in the mall, before Val Kilmer … Continue reading

just one moment.

we notice the empty spot beside us the cold draft our hands feel as we recall the warmth that once engulfed it the way they look at us differently the vacant seat in your car silent rooms that once filled with their laughter these nights. these tidal waves of tear streaked pillows memory clenching & … Continue reading

senseless acts of violence.

The new year is usually the time for rebuilding yourself – or “rebranding” yourself if you’re a douchebag. We say that we will change, but most of us end up continuing to make the same poor decisions year after year. It’s quite common, I do the same thing. On January 1st I told myself I … Continue reading


I want her back so bad.. I leave the door unlocked. I leave the lights on. -Neil Hilborn “OCD”

everything changes.

everything changes & it’s exciting & lovely & such an alluring part of life. everything happens for some reason. everything will work out & it will be such a beautiful ending to an adventurous tale. when things feel awful it’s hard to see the outcome. it’s hard to stay positive & stretch our limbs to the sky … Continue reading


let go, let go. how much do positive & negative thoughts effect our lives? if we think positive thoughts will positive things happen? if we think negative thoughts will negative things happen? manifestation; the law of attraction. sometimes it’s so hard to not think negatively. negative thoughts just seep into our heads. we don’t call for … Continue reading


congratulations, you’ve made it. you’ve made it another second, another minute, another day, another month. go ahead & take a deep breath. breathe in the season. breathe in the colour of the trees. breathe in the sweet smell of the season. breathe in the air. breathe in life. you’re life. it’s your life. you’re living … Continue reading

when you’re lost.

what to do when you feel lost: clean your room. recreate order in your life. TAKE A DEEP BREATH & THEN ANOTHER. if yourr heart’s still pounding drink some water. chant om namah shiva & imagine a diamond of white light ( longer on one side) coming out of your chest. i write or do … Continue reading

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 11.51.11 PM

the sound of making magic.

have you ever had the pleasure of hearing the glass trees? the way the clink and chime throughout a silent world? that sound is magic. when everything is still the trees sing a quiet melody that reminds you how fragile life is. you see, in order for the trees to make this noise they music … Continue reading


As someone who has all of her five senses, I often take them for granted. I’ve tried to purchase more flowers and place them around my apartment, stopping every once in a while to literally smell the roses. I have been taking the time again to admire works of art and photographs and see the … Continue reading


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