Love Letter

I’m so in love with you, and I don’t know how to not love you. I met you a year and seven months ago and every single one of those days I loved you and I will continue to love you until I know in my heart I don’t love you anymore. When we were a thing or what not, I would talk about you to my best friend all the time. She would tell me to shut up sometimes because I could go on and on and on and on about you. I’ve never in my life met anyone quite like you. To this day in still so infatuated with you. You never seize to amaze me. everything about you I’m so in love with. I think about you so much during the day it’s not even funny. Something someone would say or even a certain smell would make me think about you: wondering if you’re happy, if you’re ok and who’s making you happier than I did, more importantly, if you still loved me and if there was ever going to be another chance with us. I think about all of that all the time.

You are the only guy that has ever made me feel the way you do. You could break my heart and I would still have nothing but positive things to say about you. That’s how I knew I loved you. I stated to make excuses For you when I knew somewhere deep down that you don’t deserve me… but I felt like I deserved you and that’s what hurts. Some days I will go to your contact and start to write a message, but at the last second I would delete it because you might actually be really happy with a significant other. I pray every day for you and that you are genuinely happy with life, even if I’m not apart of it. I didn’t want to mess that up and take a chance if there wasn’t one with us. Other days, I tell myself that when the times right, it’ll happen. I always wish that you will text me randomly and tell me you love me and ask if I thought there was a chance because I always think about me asking you if we had a chance and me always thinking about if we did start over how much better I would try and make it and how happy I would be. I love you. I will forever.

Love Letter

Missy Kenyon,

I love you!
It’s not a feeling in my stomach.
It’s not something I fell into.
I met you, I liked you.
We talked and we laughed.
We danced awkwardly but then it happened.
We connected, I touched your hand and you touched my heart.
We spent hours on the phone.
Revealing the layers of our beings.
The good, the mistakes, and the skeletons.
We experienced each other, the kisses, the intimate touches, our souls joined together with each encounter.
And now, I choose to love you.
You’re not perfect but I love you.
I love your past, I love your present and I want to love our future.
I love you.
It’s the choice I made.

-Bruce Bean

Love Letter

I like you.

Of course, at first, I didn’t know you. If only did not Kuya show me your photo he labelled Jessica Sanchez, I would never do. At my first stares, you look like her. I’m not fond of Jessica, but your similarity is interesting.

One time I asked if there’s anyone who could help me out naming the pictures in your block. I did not have that authoritative voice so none heard me, but you and your friend. Oh, that made me smile, only containing gratitude.

Barely i can remember how i knew your name nor even know why I have to know it. If this is crush I am feeling , I am sure this will be gone later. This circumstance had happened a lot of times in the past.

I have to admit that every time you pass I steal a glance, every time I catch a glimpse of your face you make my eyes fixed, but I don’t open it with anybody, even with my closest friends. It’s just they know me.

The teasing started then, so I decided not to deny. The whole class learned it, so what? I kept dancing with the rhythm of their jokes, as well as dancing with the days I saw you. However, literally, I don’t dance. That was a good proof you’re just a crush. I don’t dance when I am in love, I sing.

Though the slightest notion of You-Being-With-Me didn’t occur to me, because I wasn’t that dreaming, I was surprised I asked your number from Choipée.

My past heart issues resurfaced. I hate it. Why people are too nosy? At fist I get mad because talking about what’s already thrown away is annoying. But now, it’s because it may ruin my new heart issues. When you saw my old photos with Her because of their insensitivity, I was truly embarrassed.

I tried to stop these corny stuffs. Stressed with my studies and more, I fought off these thoughts. I distracted myself.

I was not disappointed when Ate told me you had had boyfriend. I was disappointed when I found out shortly you had broken up. Texting you made me feel like I want to comfort you, though I didn’t overdo it. To tell you, I always remind you to call me kuya, but I like it when you don’t.

It was sincere when I made your fan sign, when I compliment you. It was nerve-shaking when we sat together for a real conversation. I was speechless. But the feeling is beautiful…

I don’t like another love story, really, but you came. And that is what is hard. I work hard to stop this feeling because I am afraid I may hurt you later. When we had our next-to-last rehearsal for the Christmas concert, i watched you, frozen. The stars hung around posts and trees are bright, but they’re dimmed by your lovely cat-like eyes. That was the day I realized you actually don’t look like Jessica. You are far prettier than she is.

We didn’t have any picture during the concert. No picture, ever. Until I found out we have one, stolen the day we first talked. That’s enough.

We parted with no good-byes because I didn’t attend the Christmas Party. But I guess, that’s just fine. I am so stupid, so afraid of what I don’t know. I just tell these things for you to know that you inspired someone. These are only words, I know, it’s OK to believe they’re merely lies. But you know, I started singing many days ago.

I really like you.

Gibson Perez

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Meditation Monday

Om is a Hindu sacred sound that is considered the greatest of all mantras. It is composed of three sounds a-u-m. In Sanskrit, the A and U combine to become O.

Pranayama is the regulation of breath through techniques and exercises.
Vedas are Hindu scripture dating between 1500-1200 bce.
Why Aum?
The tradition of yoga includes the devotional practice of the chant. Aum, the simplest chant, is a call for unity at the beginning and end of each class. It is the distillation of all sound. I sat in meditation one day and heard the Aum of the ocean, the Aum of the fog horn, and the Aum of my cat snoring, all at once. Anywhere on earth, if you pause to listen, you will hear the great unifier Aum. Aum requires that we rest in the present moment.
We are vibrational beings.
When we sing together each of us calls forth from within a vibration and merges it with the vibration of others; it is a generous, unifying gesture. Chanting together quickly brings students- who may arrive with individual burdens or joys- to a state of equalizing vibration. We tune ourselves to each other at the most basic level and so announce our intention to practice together.
Physically, the chant clears the lungs, throat, mouth, and sinuses and stimulates essential juice (rasa). Chanting awakens the soft palate, that sheath just under the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Chanting warms the chest, the area around the heart, and prepares the body for pranayama. The chant will purify the subtle body as well, bringing balance and tone to an overwrought nervous system.
Newton’s first law tells us that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Sound accretes and transforms but never dies. Some of the Sanskrit chants we sing are ancient, dating back to the Vedas. Through the gift of our voices we can harness the energy and intention of yogis who lived several thousand years ago. The vibration of the music exists whether we choose to chant or not, when we take it into ourselves and send it out again through our own channels, we are keeping alive its healing properties.
When a student feels uncomfortable chanting in class, silent participation is best. The vibration passes through everyone in the room.
Music – and the voices engaged in it- has the power to heal.
-Judith Mcclain, 2007

Meditation Monday

Today, there were 4 men and 4 women in my yoga class. I really love it when men come to class because I feel that the practice is not defined by gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. Of course there is some religious influence because its roots stem from the Hindu religion, but overall, the practice is what you personally make of it. There is this notion in America that yoga is feminine. It’s in magazines, movies, and on TV. I feel it is up to all us yogis to change minds and hearts, so that everyone (whether they practice or not) knows that yoga is universal.

My yoga is feminine, masculine, and the unifying knowledge of both.
My yoga is the earth, the atmosphere, and the oneness of the universe.
My yoga is within me, and respects and admires the yoga within you.


-Madison Adams